Our long experience and motivation to succeed in a competitive environment, we offer the maximum degree of professionalism. we are a preferred supplier of services and are a reliable business partner. It is therefore our priority to continue in maintaining long-term relations with our customers built on mutual openness and a serious, individual approach.

Solutions/Service offered by SDSL:

• Enterprise Solutions (End to End solutions)
• Data Center Solutions (End to End data center and security)
• Solutions for Security ( Network Security, Data Protection, Bandwidth Management, Proxy for Authentication)
• Networking Solutions ( Managed Network Service, Visualization, Routing & Switching, Voice-IP Phone, unified communication, Implementation etc)
• Solutions for Data Center (Active & Passive Component)
• Printing Solutions (OPS- Office Printing solutions, control your printing)
• Access Control & Surveillance Solutions
• ERP Solutions
• IT Consultancy
• Solutions for Power (Power Backup, Surge protection)
• Solutions for Documents Management, Digital Library (Archiving)
• Solutions for Point of Sale (POS)