Data Center

Data Centre solutions helps an organization manage their information lifecycle, while reducing the risk of IT disruptions, and minimizing cost and complexity.
SDSL’s partnerships with leading technology vendors, has positioned itself as a leading provider of Data Centre solutions.
Data Center Services can help – with everything from a total turnkey solution to preliminary consulting. SDSL can plan, design, build, and test your data center as well as train your staff on how to maintain the new environment.

A process that SDSL follows to design & Construct a Data Center can be:

  • Assessment & Planning, Design
  • Architecture / Engineering
  • Equipment Sourcing & Scheduling,
  • Construction / Installation / Integration
  • Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance to Monitoring

IT networking, computing and storage infrastructures are critical for ongoing business effectiveness. Data Center now a day prefers to be the most secure and sensible solution for consolidate the IT infrastructure, distributed process and effective applications. For proactive information handling, privacy, security, business continuity and disaster recovery Data center are now designed to handle this issue.