About SDSL

Smart Digitech Solution Ltd. (SDSL) is a Concern of Smart Digital Technologies, working keenly closer to the challenge as a one point solution provider in Bangladesh.
SDSL has started upgrading its existing man power with internationally recognized certifications in every sector of its operation and in some special cases, acquired more experienced and professional people with excellent customer service support in mind.
We are proud to announce that our company has in its possession the best computer engineers, programmers and most dynamic sales squad in our country concerning educational background and experience. Having adequate expertise, the company has earned the capability to serve the local need of IT with proper support & maintenance services. These made the company as one of the leading IT Company of the country.

Smart Digitech Solution Ltd. (SDSL) is a multilayered infrastructure and support based provider of integrated IT solutions established in 25th May 2014 that takes over the business operations of Smart Digitech Solution Ltd. (SDSL). Keeping the original set of resources and business portfolio of that along with Smart Digital Technologies (SDT) started its business in 2007 with a view to provide IT solutions to the prospective Customers.

Vision & Mission
Mission: Our mission is to make technology an asset for your business. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so you can grow.
Vision: As your technology partner, when your business grows, ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth. We will become a market leader by consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations; with best of breed technology solutions. We will continually communicate with and learn from our customers, in order to improve our products and services. And, we will keep on top of today’s and tomorrow’s technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our customers always have the best tools available to them.

Providing quality technology product and service to our customer and bring all the national, multinational also international companies under the umbrella of technology.